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Full-Color, Standard Print, Physical Book



*This is the recommended version, because the images and graphs are in full-color, making the entire book easier to read and understand. With a physical book, it’s easier to make reference to it again and again!

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Standard Print, Black & White, Physical Book



This is the exact same book as the full-color version, except without color images and graphs.  Still a great book for those on a tighter budget! 

This could save your vision!

Large Print, Black & White Print, Physical Book



*This is the version of book recommended for those who, because of reduced vision already, need large print. This book is only available in black and white, it is 8.5 x 11 inches and the text is mostly size 15 font, which should be readable to most people with moderately low vision.

This could save your vision!

Full-Color, Digital E-Book (Digital Download) This is NOT a Physical Book.



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This could save your vision!

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