Cure AMD Foundation Board of Directors

Founder and President, Chris A. Knobbe, MD 

Chris Knobbe_opthamologist

Chris A. Knobbe, MD Founder & President, Cure AMD Foundation


Dr. Chris Knobbe is the Founder of Cure AMD Foundation™, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, collectively founded upon altruistic, humanitarian, and scientific aspirations, with the ultimate goal of preventing vision loss from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) for entire populations.  It is Dr. Knobbe’s belief that this is possible, on a massive scale, with widespread adoption of the principles, practices, and philosophy of ancestral dietary strategy.

And the research, thus far, entirely supports the hypothesis.

Dr. Knobbe is a man of Christian beliefs and principles — and he allows those foundational principles to guide his every action.

He receives no compensation for his role with the organization.  Verify here.

To learn more about Dr. Knobbe, please refer to the About page, where Dr. Knobbe wrote an article describing a bit about the research, goals, and philosophy of this Foundation.    



Charlie Collins, CCI, Executive Director 

Charlie Collins

Mr. Charlie Collins, Executive Director, Cure AMD Foundation

Mr. Charlie Collins, of Cheshire, Connecticut, is the only board member who does not reside in the State of Colorado.  However, this doesn’t stop him from being a key and integral member of the organization.

Charlie, who was born with a genetic condition known as Juvenile Macular Degeneration, or Stargardt’s Disease, has been centrally blind, since age 12 or 13.  This presented Charlie with challenges that few of us have ever had to even consider facing during our lives.  And Charlie suffered through.  It wasn’t until Charlie was in his 30’s that he took his own visual disability, and used that to turn his own life around.  Charlie envisioned a low-vision devices company that would provide for the very people that were walking in his shoes — namely, those with low vision and blindness.  Through teaching people how to use adaptive technologies, Charlie became a successful businessman.  He has remained in the low vision business ever since.

It is the Cure AMD Foundation Board’s belief that Charlie provides leadership and goals that are in alignment with that of Dr. Knobbe’s, i.e., to save vision, for people all over the globe, through the hypothesis and research begun by Dr. Knobbe.  We consider it an honor to have the leadership provided by Mr. Charlie Collins, who also offers his services on a volunteer, non-compensated, basis.  


Renee Hughes Vice President, Cure AMD Foundation

Mrs. Renee Hughes, Vice-President 

Renee Hughes has had decades of success and experience in business management – particularly in turning around fledgling small and medium business organizations.  Now, towards the end of her career, she has elected to volunteer as Vice-President for Cure AMD Foundation™.

Renee’s motivation to help foster Cure AMD Foundation, is personal and spiritual.  A Christian woman herself, Renee believes that, after losing her sister to cancer, this is her opportunity to help bring that life- and vision-saving message to the public.  Renee now practices ancestral dietary principles, has adopted the philosophy, and spreads the message wherever she goes.

We are humbled to be associated with such an accomplished, kind, and compassionate leader.


Lisa M. Perry, MBA, Treasurer 

Lisa Perry, MBA
Treasurer, Cure AMD Foundation

Lisa Perry has decades of experience in business management as well as in medical office management.  Lisa, who has a masters degree in business from the University of Denver, in Denver, Colorado, functions as Cure AMD Foundation’s treasurer, but she frequently lends her expertise in business management to the organization, with her vast experience and expertise.


Over the past several years, Lisa has also developed a deep interest in ancestral nutrition as well as the research and writings of Weston A. Price, the nutrition-researcher who inspired Dr. Knobbe to develop his hypothesis for the nutritional basis of AMD.  This inspiration has lead her on a path, like the other Board Members for this foundation, to commit her time and energy towards the altruistic cause of saving vision from the ravages of AMD.

As with Renee and Charlie, we are humbled to be honored with the expertise of Lisa Perry.


None of the principal organizers of Cure AMD Foundation, including Dr. Knobbe, receive any financial remuneration for their commitment to Cure AMD Foundation™.  The organization is founded with the goal of spreading knowledge regarding nutrient-dense ancestral diets, to benefit health and vision, simultaneously.  To confirm our financial status, please review our Annual Report/Financial Information page.

If you and/or your organization make a charitable contribution to Cure AMD Foundation™, every penny will go towards spreading this message, funding further research to support this hypothesis, and worldwide advocacy to help save vision for millions.  Your tax-deductible contribution could one day save the vision of your own siblings and your own children.