“As the prevalence of AMD escalates the devastating consequences of visual loss take their relentless toll on individuals, families and health economies. This epidemic continues to grow, oblivious to a plethora of research. A massive financial commitment (both University-based and pharmaceutical) has made no impact on the incidence of a disease that has resisted minor nutritional tinkering and seen no significant gain from our exponentially increased knowledge of genetics. In researching our frustrating lack of success in the search for a cause of AMD, Dr. Knobbe concludes that we have been looking in the wrong place.

From a meticulous examination of ophthalmic history, comparative epidemiology and dietary transitions across the globe, he constructs a cogent and compelling argument for defects in basic nutrition as the fundamental driver of AMD. The data are stark and the potential consequences of dietary deficiency are sobering. Dr. Knobbe’s rational conclusion that a shift from traditional foods can wreak havoc on macular function will come as no surprise to those who have postulated a similar cause for the multitude of chronic diseases now endemic in so-called developed nations.

His hypothesis is unlikely to be welcomed by those committed to pharmacological intervention.  Furthermore, a radical change to the diet of billions will not happen quickly. However, for newly diagnosed patients looking for hope and clinicians struggling for an answer, Dr. Knobbe’s remarkable book offers the first tangible lifeline. To impact on the visual health of a nation we need a paradigm shift in the attitude of government and a radical rethink of the artificially constructed boundaries between nutrition and medicine. The visual health of many millions of people worldwide over the coming decades may depend on whether or not Dr. Knobbe’s message is heard by those with both the political power and the financial commitment to take action.”

Andrew J. Luff, MA, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCOphth, Consultant Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon

—  Andrew J. Luff, MA, FRCS, FRCS(Ophth), FRCOphth
Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon, United Kingdom
Fellow, Royal College of Ophthalmologists



Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh



“Dr. Knobbe, 

I heard your lecture at the Christian Ophthalmology Society meeting.  I want to congratulate you on your research into your 

Jonathan P. Walgama, MD
Longview Ophthalmology Associates

discovery/hypothesis as I found it to be profound and surprising.  It has potential to alleviate more preventable blindness than any multi-billion dollar anti-vegf [anti-vascular endothelial growth factor – injectable drug] industry.

I just wanted to encourage your efforts and hopefully this isn’t something that’s looked back on in a century as a missed opportunity.” *


— Jonathan P. Walgama, MD
General Ophthalmologist
Longview Ophthalmology Associates, Longview, Texas




“I have found Dr. Knobbe’s theory well researched and presented in his book.  Although no one can accurately say exactly

Micah Rothstein, MD
Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado

what the incidence of AMD was in the early 1900’s, he presents a compelling argument, based in fact, that not only is AMD on therise and reaching epidemic proportions, but it’s coincident with the introduction of processed, nutrient deficient, foods.  Perhaps most compelling is, after reading his book, I now find myself taking extra chair time to discuss dietary issues with my patients.  I  would say this is a must read for any eyecare provider, but particularly those practicing primary eyecare with the goal of preventing AMD.”*

— Micah W. Rothstein, M.D.

                        Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado





“Dr. Knobbe’s thesis that macular degeneration is due to dietary causes is well-supported by his research.  Drawing on the

Ed Bennett, BS
President, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

observations of Dr. Weston A. Price, who studied traditional cultures living on unrefined and unprocessed foods, the author makes his point quite clearly: Our present-day diet is a major culprit in the proliferation of not only AMD, but most likely for many other degenerative diseases of civilization as well.  Here is where so many current studies are woefully behind; the answers are right in front of us if we dare to look.  Dr. Knobbe has done just that, and he deserves great credit for bringing this topic to the public with this very readable book.” *

                 — Ed Bennett, President, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation



“In our opinion, Dr. Knobbe has uncovered an important connection between diet and age-related macular degeneration that  has the potential to prevent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people from progressing to the advanced stages of this disease.”* 

 Editorial Board, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation
Price-Pottenger Journal of Health and Healing, Summer – 2017






“As Founder and President of the Macular Degeneration Association, a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization, whose 

Larry Hoffheimer, JD
Founder & Chairman, Macular Degeneration Association

 purpose it is to educate and help prevent vision loss from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), I read and studied Dr. Knobbe’s book, Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent & Treat Macular Degeneration. I must say, I was surprised – somewhat shocked – by his hypothesis and referenced supportive research.   Dr. Knobbe has relied on the fact that AMD was once a rare disorder – in fact – it was rare just about 85 years ago, prior to 1930. Today, AMD has reached epidemic proportions – worldwide. Knobbe’s hypothesis – concludes that AMD develops because of the ingredients of processed food.

His research and book also lay out plausible biological mechanisms whereby processed food consumption, which is associated with vitamin and mineral deficiencies and certain toxicities (e.g., from sugar and vegetable oils), ultimately causes this disease. In his book, Knobbe also provides a fundamental nutrition plan to reduce the risk of getting AMD and avoiding its progression.

For these reasons, I have invited Dr. Knobbe to be a speaker at each and every one of the Macular Degeneration Association’s patient education conferences in 13 cities across the U.S. I highly recommend his book to anyone who desires to prevent and/or treat this dreadful disease. Finally, we are finding that attendees at our conferences are generally impressed and convinced, that Dr. Knobbe’s hypothesis and research, just makes good sense. I am convinced that his message is of critical importance to all of us, but especially those who desire to preserve their precious gift of sight.”*

    – Larry Hoffheimer, JD 
                                                                Founder & Chairman – Macular Degeneration Association


“It is fairly infrequent that I am asked to review a book for Price-Pottenger as I am simply too busy.  A while back, Joan Grinzi, Executive Director of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, gave me the Review Copy of Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent & Treat Macular Degeneration, by ophthalmologist and author, Chris A. Knobbe, MD. She asked me to take a brief look at it and give my opinion of whether we should think of recommending it.  It quickly captivated me so that it received WAY more than any brief glance.

AMD or age related macular degeneration is a misnamed eye condition, which is rapidly increasing in frequency in the U.S.  I

David J. Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM
Vice President, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

say misnamed, due to the fact that it is not age related any more than cancer and heart disease are age related. There are millions of people at advanced ages who have none of these conditions.  I would re-name it D&LMD for Diet and Lifestyle Related Macular Degeneration, to be more accurate.

As I read through Dr. Knobbe’s book, I was pleasantly surprised and then even astonished to find an MD Professor of Ophthalmology with both such an open mind as well as such a good grasp on nutrition and reality even when it directly contradicted his medical school training. Yes, this is likely the best book ever written on AMD, but saying that is doing it a disservice since this book should be read be everyone who cares about their current and future health or the health of their loved ones.  Knobbe does such a grand job of exposing frauds and lies regarding diet and disease, that his book could just as easily be re-named Everything You Need to Know About Diet and By the Way It Will also Help Your Eyesight.  This book has my highest recommendation for anyone interested in protecting their eyesight (and their health) as they get older.”*


  —  David J. Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM (Naturopathic Physician)
Vice President, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (PPNF.org)




“I was introduced to Chris’s work at the Ancestral Health Conference in 2016. I was already well informed about the effects of

Dr Andrea Steinberg
Family Physician
Auckland, New Zealand

modern diet/lifestyle on many major chronic diseases such as diabetes, many cancers, cardiovascular events and dementia. As I listened, I realized that it was blindingly obvious (excuse the pun) that the retina was no different to any other complex vascular structure – of course, it would be adversely affected by the same factors identified in other chronic diseases. How, as a doctor myself, did I not realize this before?

But a hypothesis must be backed up by data. Chris presents a compelling review of data from 25 nations, showing that the incidence of AMD, very rare prior to 1930, has risen in parallel with the displacement of traditional diets by processed ‘Western foods.’ This mirrors the same data for other chronic diseases as mentioned above and is robustly backed up by known biochemical mechanisms beyond the scope of this review.

I am convinced on the basis of Chris’s evidence review – and saddened by traditional Western medicine’s delay in not making consideration of lifestyle factors an immediate first step in preventing and managing all chronic diseases, of which AMD is hugely important. Hopefully the tide is turning, and this work deserves to take credit for being a powerful force towards reducing the incidence of lives affected by AMD.”*

                                                                        —     Dr. Andrea Steinberg
                                                                                Family Medicine Physician
                                                                                Ellerslie Medical Center
                                                                                Auckland, New Zealand

“I just finished reading Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent & Treat Macular Degeneration. Following extensive research, this 

Right, Felicity Dale, MD, MBBS, with husband, physician Tony Dale, MD, MBBS

book is, without doubt, the most comprehensive and useful study on macular degeneration I have found. As a physician and author myself, may I commend you, Dr. Knobbe, on an excellent book, superbly researched and written. Congratulations!”*

— Dr. Felicity Dale, MD, MBBS, Family Physician






“Hi Dr. Knobbe,

I refrained from contacting you with a status report on my vision until I was seen by my ophthalmologist for a six month follow-up.  I saw her and an ophthalmology resident last week.

I am a Doctor of Audiology and you and I had exchanged a few emails when I was first diagnosed.  We discussed the impact of diet on progression of hearing loss as well as on progression of AMD and subsequent research has confirmed that link as well.

This current ophthalmology visit was the first in which my vision was 20/20 with my eyeglasses.  Always, in the past, my vision had deteriorated and my eyeglass prescription needed to be altered.

Here’s what happened.  I didn’t go into the details [in a previous email] because I am unfamiliar with your profession.  At the prior visit, my husband watched as I took the vision test.  I couldn’t read ANY of the lines with my glasses on.  He commented that he had better start doing all the driving and both of us were despondent.

The technician altered my relatively new prescription (new glasses were 6 months old).  Then when I picked up the eyeglasses after the prescription was tweaked, the optician said that, really, “it was a minor change.”

When I arrived for my six month follow-up last week, the technician did the routine test, checking my vision with my glasses and she measured 20/20.  She said, “Wow, your vision really popped—did you get a new prescription or something?”

I doubt that it was the slightly tweaked prescription, Chris.  It was your diet.

I explained to both physicians that I was following your diet and I attributed my stable vision to adhering to your diet.  They countered that the course of AMD ebbs and flows.  Perhaps so, but I am so glad I saw your video, ordered your book, and followed its guidelines.  I will continue to adhere to the diet and will be happy just to have my vision stabilized.  

Linda S. Remensnyder, Au

I can’t thank you enough.  You are changing people’s lives by empowering them to take action.

Press on.”

—  Linda S. Remensnyder, AuD (Doctor of Audiology, ret.)




Comment from the Author:  “Sometimes people reference the dietary recommendations that I’ve made,

Chris Knobbe, MD, Ophthalmologist

Chris A. Knobbe, MD

and refer to them as ‘your diet,’ meaning the diet that I’ve recommended in the website and book.  I take no credit for this diet as it is simply an ‘ancestral diet,’ which is really just an age-old diet – truly the diet of our great, great, great, great grandparents and all of their ancestors.  Every last morsel of credit for the initial discovery of the extraordinary value in native, traditional, non-Westernized, non-processed food diets, belongs to the man I would refer to as the ‘Father of Nutrition,’ and that is Weston A. Price (1870 — 1948).  I stand in awe of this late, great, extraordinary man, whose research can never be duplicated, and whose shoulders I proudly stand upon.”


—  Chris A. Knobbe, MD


“I found your lecture on Saturday a major contrast to what patients are usually told by their Ophthalmologists/Retina Specialists.  Few doctors were taught or take it upon themselves to study the connection between the illnesses they treat and the diets of their patients.  Your comments are very “eye opening” to all of us.  I hope that you continue to give lectures to as many organizations as you can fit into your schedule.

I think we all left ready to share your recommendations to our family and friends.” *

— Dr. Mary Ann Picardo, DO


I’ve worked in the Vitreo-retinal field for over 28 years, seeing literally hundreds of thousands of AMD patients.  I’ve seen

Mark Erickson, COT, CRA
Ophthalmic Illustrator, JirehDesign.com

theories and treatments come and go.  I remember when the vitamin/supplements studies came out and how the market became saturated with “nutritional” products claiming to prevent AMD advancement.  Yet here we are, decades later, and AMD is still on a rapid rise.   Dr. Knobbe’s hypothesis is the ONLY prevention theory that backs up all statements with fact and is meticulously researched pure data, without any big-business sponsored influence.  I can only imagine what the vitreo-retina clinical landscape would look like today if every ophthalmologist counseled their patients with Dr. Knobbe’s compelling research 3 decades ago.  I think the most exciting part of this research is the message that it’s not too late to implement Dr. Knobbe’s nutritional lifestyle changes to help avoid the terrible diseases relating to aging under a “Westernized” diet, including macular degeneration.”  

—  Mark Erickson, COT, CRA
(Certified Ophthalmic Technician, Certified Retinal Angiographer)

“After getting a diagnosis of early-stage AMD, I got online in search of a natural, holistic path to control this condition.  During this search, I found Dr. Chris Knobbe’s book, Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent and Treat Macular Degeneration.  

I started the Ancestral way of eating immediately.

The date of my initial diagnosis was January 3, 2017.  At that time, my vision in my right eye was 20/50, and in my left eye it was 20/40.  My next visit with my eye doctor was March 29, 2017.  At that time my vision in my right eye was 20/40 and the left eye was 20/25.  September 29, 2017 was my most recent exam.  On that date my vision in my right eye was 20/30 and in the left eye 20/20!

Thank you Dr. Chris Knobbe for your wonderful book.  It has given me the right path to improved eye health.” *


(Update, April 9, 2017):  Dr. Chris, I just got back from my 4th visit with [ophthalmologist] Ann Ranelle, DO and I’m happy to say that my vision improved again.  It is now 20/25 and 20/20 (no glasses at any exam).  She even said that she could see a small improvement in my macula!  I told her about your book… so I decided to send her your book as a gift.” 

— Katie Peterson

“I take great comfort from your presentation and your book.  I hope the dietary changes will result in improvement for my AMD and others.

The conventional treatment has not been encouraging but rather directed at the eventual and inevitable severe loss of vision for AMD patients.  As a therapist, it is very sad to see groups of people who have given up!  My hope is that this book will open doors to more acceptance of new ideas and research around the world for AMD patients.”

— Carol Cooper


“After reading Dr. Chris Knobbe’s insightful and scientifically based book “Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent & Treat Macular Degeneration,” I have been following his nutritional recommendations. Just saw my retinologist and vision left eye was 20/40 four months ago, now is 20/30, but the tech said almost 20/20! The right eye where the cataract was removed was 20/60, is now 20/50. Retina holding – no change. I have not been taking vitamins. Again, thank you Dr. Knobbe for this research.”*


                                                                        — Kelly Gilbert, L.M.F.T.

“In late September (2017), I had the opportunity to be in attendance of a Macular Degeneration Association conference in Austin, Texas.  I happen to be completely blind from an accident, however, I am always interested in learning more about healthy fuel for my body.  I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Chris Knobbe present.  He was sharing research findings and concepts conveyed in his book.  While I have done a tremendous amount of nutritional research, I have only been able to assimilate puzzle pieces and never able to put the puzzle together until now.

Dr. Knobbe does a marvelous job of demonstrating how he can be scientific, analytical and down to Earth.  He was able to put the puzzle together for me.  While I am not concerned about poor nutrition causing me to lose my vision, I am very concerned about how poor nutrition can negatively impact my overall health, and the overall health of my loved ones, friends, and neighbors.  Dr Knobbe’s work in written form is a great deal of data for your mind to digest.  The data may motivate you to put a great deal more effort in what digestion takes place in your body.  While I am happy and successful as a person that is blind, I would certainly invest that effort to eat exactly right, if I could regain my vision as a result.  I plan to do the best I can to prevent other catastrophic conditions from compounding my situation.  I sincerely hope that you will make the investment to achieve the same.  Start here with reading data that has already been so incredibly and superbly compiled for you.  I can testify that life isn’t over if you lose a portion or all of your vision, but I will say that it is worth avoiding, if at all possible.”

— Bobby Lakey, VFO Sales Director, Central U.S. 


“Dear Dr. Knobbe,

First, the presentation you gave at the MDA [Macular Degeneration Association] meeting was the most informative of the day.

Second, your book on the ancestral dietary strategy which expanded on that presentation was extremely clear and compelling.

Third, I am looking forward to your next book, Ancestral Diet Rx.” *  

Very Truly Yours,

Anne Cain

“Good afternoon Chris….i just finished your amazing book and you have changed my life and my families….

It is going on 2 weeks and I have completely gotten off sugar, white flour, and all vegetable oils…

I have only been eating clean….it is very hard because we are very social — always going out, but there is nothing that will stop me from eating clean….Thank you for that — and I know I am going to reverse my [early] AMD…with the help from your book and God…

God Bless you Chris….please let me know when your new book comes out…

I will be first in line…”*

Yours Truly,

Marie D.

“Hello Dr. Knobbe,

I wanted to reach out and thank you again for my husband’s continued eye health.  I’ve written a few times over the past few years.  Two and a  half years ago, my husband was diagnosed with AMD.  His mother had it as does his older brother. 

When he was diagnosed the doctor said he expected his macular go get worse by 10% every year and there was nothing he could do about it.  

We read your book and heard your video.  My husband immediately changed his diet.  No sugar or flour or bad oils.  We went totally organic, grass-fed meats, etc.   

It’s been 2.5 years and his AMD is stable.  

I’m convinced that if we weren’t following your plan he would be in horrible shape.  A year ago we also adopted keto and use fasting too.  That is mostly because my mother had Alzheimer’s disease and this seems to be a good plan for brain health.  

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that we hear your message.  We are grateful for your work.   We thank you.”*  

— Caroline Mcshane 


“Hi Chris, 

I just finished [your book] a few days ago and in a word it is simply outstanding.  First, I think you should know that I have hard and soft drusen in both eyes and my right eye has distortion on the upper right quadrant of the Amsler grid.  I’m 63 years old and so I have cause for concern which lead me to do research on YouTube and ultimately to you and your organization.  My stepdad has the beginnings of AMD and as I mentioned in email below he and my mom are vegans.  They also have your book however have not finished it since my stepdad just had a quadruple bypass surgery at 86 years old at University of Virginia Medical Center.  He’s doing very well right now and will continue reading when he recovers.  As vegans they are having a difficult time wrapping their heads around the information in your book.  I did point out the importance of fat soluble vitamins and the need for K2 for depositing calcium in teeth and bones and not in coronary arteries.  They are still trying to accept that information. 


Your statistical evaluations on the increasing sugar and vegetable oil consumption and the increase in AMD leave little doubt the Westernized diet is certainly a major if not the sole cause of degenerating health and likewise the increased prevalence of AMD.  After reading your book it almost seems so obvious that it’s shocking no one has come to this conclusion.   Weston A. Price did contribute to ancestral dietary knowledge but your book documents additional scientific basis supporting his observations.  I was very impressed with the number of references in the back of your book.  I can’t imagine the effort you invested doing all the research for this project and at the same time maintaining an ophthalmology practice.


As a result of reading and studying your book I am restructuring my diet which requires some effort to find organic and properly farmed animal products.  The link to RealMilk.com was helpful and I have sourced whole raw milk very close to where I live in Virginia.  The local Walmart has a large selection of organic products.  Finding organic organ meats locally is a challenge.  Organic grains and produce are easy to find and I have been eating organic as much as possible even before reading your book.  What I was not aware of was the effects of vegetable oils.  


I want to thank you again for your effort and dedication to preventing and [treating] AMD.”* 




David Carey

“Hello Chris,

Well … I read your tour de force book, Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent and Treat Macular Degeneration. I put it up there with icons like AEROBICS by Ken Cooper, which I read years ago and changed my life’s direction.

The layout of the book couldn’t have been better. Methodically researched to prove your points and chapters and sections that flowed sensibly from one to another. Particularly, liked the bolding, bullet points, diagrams, and bits of colorization. Overall … a very easy read.

As a layperson, I was blown away with the wonder of discovery of eye anatomy and your functional representation of the retina and macula. On duty 24/7 sucking up amazing amounts of bodily resources, resilient … yet prone to abuse if not fed proper nutrients.

To sum up, this is not just a book about treating AMD (which some people might pass by). This book had a profoundly deeper message for me. If followed, you get eye health, but you get so much more.

I’ve incorporated the ancestral diet … and gingerly moving my Japanese wife in that direction. With your book, I am making my case to her, and she seems to accept.

Thank you! for this wonderful book. I’ve already given it to several people. And looking forward to your interview next year with Dr. Mercola (which he mentioned in his newsletter today.)”

                                                                          — Daniel Hagerman



*Individual results, opinions, and visual outcomes will vary.  Cure AMD Foundation makes no claims or guarantees regarding visual preservation, outcomes, or progression of disease.  Though every possible precaution has been taken to make the best possible recommendations and advocacy regarding diet and use of supplements, use of this website, information, book, and any recommendations therein, are at the user’s own risk. Cure AMD Foundation assumes no liability for outcomes.  We also encourage readers and patients with macular degeneration (AMD) to seek the advice of their eyecare provider.